181: The Joy of Navigating An Ever Changing Career Ride – Michael Novin

I’m going to be an actor. No wait, I’m going to be a Broadway star. Nope, I’m going to be a financial planner. Ay yes, I’m going to run a talent agency and be a coach. Sounds like this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing…but he does. Michael Novin has leaned into his life fully, brining each experience to life and building upon by constantly saying, “If you can, you must!” Today we explore the can and must of navigating the ever changing landscapes of shifting careers and being a gay man over 40!

About Michael

As someone who has changed careers multiple times, Michael has worked in several vastly different (and fascinating) industries. The unifying theme has been his desire to help, entertain, and guide people to live their best life and perform at their maximum potential. This passion led Michael to become a Certified Professional Coach through the NYU School of Professional Studies. He will also soon be certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In addition to his coaching practice, he is the owner of the global talent agency Mark Edward Inc., representing, empowering, and motivating photographers, stylists, and makeup artists to achieve their highest goals (www.markedwardinc.com ). Prior to becoming an agent, he was a Certified Financial Advisor, Sales Manager, and Training Coordinator for Merrill Lynch. This was an audacious and revolutionary step from his career as a singer, dancer, and actor on Broadway (where among other skills, he learned to roller-skate his way to fame)! He graduated NYU with a BFA in Acting and a minor in Psychology.

Interests include attending the theatre and dance performances, working out, dining out, and spending time with friends and family. It has been a remarkable journey indeed!

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