244: Ed Wilson – What Does It Really Mean To Be A Gay Man?

As gay men we grow up being told not to be seen, to heard, and to be understood. Taking a page, or actually a few pages from those experiences, Author and Coach Ed Wilson beautifully illustrates some of life’s most poignant and challenging thoughts as a gay man in his new beautifully illustrated book “A Gay Man!” The story unfolds from birth to our elder years, inviting us to embrace the beauty of who we are – Gay Men – no fears, no excuses, no apologies. This candid conversation explore many of those moments and more.

About Ed

Ed is a gay male, Australian, Creator of Brown Bear Coaching, and Author of “A Gay Man,” born in Perth to English migrants, living in Sydney. He focuses on self-transformation through awareness, acceptance and surrendering to your truest and deepest self as the guide and your answers to the big ticket questions in your life.

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