How to create connection with your emotions – Alan Cohen

We’re all emotional beings. Except as men we’re told not to show our emotions and then we wonder why we lack connection. What a bunch of bullshit. When we bottle up our emotions we can not connect, we men suddenly become ticking time bombs and then like a spoiled, angry brat, we explode, splashing pent up crap all over everyone, making ourselves and our emotions the evil twins. Yet when we connect, deeply connect with ourselves, our emotions, and others, we find peace, harmony, and ways to be with our emotions and win the battle of “men don’t…” Without using emotions in the right way we cannot connect.

Alan Cohen, author of The Connection Challenge, joins me in a candid, connection space where we discuss the in’s and out’s of connection and why men struggle with this area of life, simply because we won’t allow our emotions to lead us to the deeper connections.

About Alan

Alan is an experienced executive and team coach and corporate instructor, with over a decade of experience coaching leaders and teams at companies including MetLife, American Express, Skadden Arps, Tiffany’s NBC, and countless PR and Marketing agencies. He helps teams work more effectively together, using processes and methods from a vast tool chest – including Emotional Intelligence, and personality assessments, including Myers Briggs. He has worked with many sales, marketing and leadership teams from many different industries (professional services, entertainment, pharma, consumer products, technology).


He is also a professional speaker, and has written books on authentic connection in a digital age, and how to manage conflict and difficult conversations in the workplace.


Prior to becoming a coach, he worked in PR, Marketing and Human Resources for over 25 years, most notably as the Director of Marketing for Scholastic, where he led the team that was responsible for launching the Harry Potter book series, and as Director of Communications for The Broadway League, where he publicized the Tony Awards.


He is funny, engaging and super smart, and has very good table manners.

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