Making Multigenerational Work Environments Work – Adam Lippin

Imagine you own a business, or for that matter work in a business, and you are the oldest guy in the group. You try to figure out how to relate to the Gen Z’s and Millennials but it is a constant struggle. And, while that’s all happening, you want to learn from them and want them to learn from you, but man that generational gap can be really a challenge. So what’s a guy to do?

Startup founder of the, Adam Lippin works with a team of 19-25 yr old’s where he feels challenged to check his own insecurities of being over 50 and and a “tech leader” in an industry that worships young entrepreneurs. How do he face it with bravery and curiosity? What can he learn, be open to, and what does he just need to accept in the face of ageism (real or perceived)? We explore all of this today.

About Adam

Adam believe deeply in the transformative power of authentic communication. He has founderd and is the CEO of two emotional wellnescompanies that directly address this. and gives you instant access to confidential trained Listeners who can help you work through your problems, get unstuck, share your feelings or just renew your faith in humanity. Get a real connection and someone to talk/text/video chat with just when you need it.

Cuddlist: We are the leader in the emerging field of Trust Based Touch™ in the Health Care/Wellness field. Cuddlist has been featured in Forbes, NY Times, Fox News, Cheddar, Washington Post among hundreds of publications.

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