Age is all in your heads boys – Matt Marr

Aging isn’t a disease it’s a reality and if you don’t feel it you can’t heal it, or at least that’s what therapist, actor, and podcast show host Matt Marr says. He’s the one person who can tell it like it is better than I can and when we get together behind the microphones, the truth will be told…between our snide remarks and giggles. It’s two queens up, which means two gay guys dishing it about aging with grace and dignity, while being a little bit disrespectful and trash talking all at the same time. You will learn, you will listen and you will laugh…don’t even pretend you won’t. No pour you some sweet tea and park your bum for good ol’ southern hospitality truth talking about getting old and dealing with it.

About Matt

If Oprah and James Cordon had a baby, raised on Dolly Parton’s front porch—it would be Matt Marr.  Matt will talk to anyone. He’s the guy in the grocery store that compliments your eye makeup and then two minutes later you’re asking him for dating advice. Originally from southern Oklahoma, Matt credits his love of talking to his large and loud Southern Family. He is a therapist and holds a Masters of Clinical Psychology, specializing in Narrative Therapy. At the same time, he is a successful commercial actor, seasoned improv actor, and has performed stand up all over the West Coast. He is a proud podcaster and the creator of the Sissy That Talk Podcast Network, including the hit podcast, The 90 Day Gays: A 90 Day Fiancé Podcast. Find all things Matt on social media @theMattMarr. 

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