Dumping the excess weight – physical and otherwise – that’s killing you! -David Conley

You’re too fat. You’re tired of being called stocky when what people are really saying under their breath is your fat. It’s all about the extra weight you are carrying, but it’s not just the physical weight, it’s about everything else that is killing you as a man. The weight of stress, success, relationships, perfection, confidence, lack of confidence, money, debt…it’s all excess fat and weight that needs to be slimmed down so you can live your exceptional weight-free life.

David Conley a former 330 pound guy (you’ll have to listen to hear how much he’s lost) dishes out the good stuff dumping the excess weight in life and on our bodies to prevent us from killing ourselves as men. Kick back, pull up a bottle of water, healthy sack and an optimistic mindset and get ready to dump the excess fat of your life.

About David

David works with leaders, meaning makers, thought leaders, artists, scientists, authors — people with big hearts and responsibilities. He’s unique because he took the same knowledge that he gained to building the internet, moving government, and launching startups and combined it with years’ of experience in self-mastery and leadership to help his clients live healthier, and happier lives. He’s an expert at health and wellness architecture and engineering. If you can dream of an exceptional life, he will help you architect it. If you want an exceptional life, he will help you will build it.

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