Depression isn’t and shouldn’t be a shameful prison – Chris Brogan

I admit it. I suffer from depression. I also take my little one pill a day to keep it at bay…no shame whatsoever. Then there’s my buddy Chris Brogan. A guy who’s written NY Times Bestsellers, talked in front of 100’s of people, talks marketing, startups, and everything biz related to some of the smallest and biggest organizations on the planet, and he’s also not afraid to talk about his depression.

In fact, in his world, talking about depression is an act of self-love and self-preservation. That’s where we’re going today, and we’re not ashamed as men over 40 to talk about that “D” word, and we we’re not talking about that one between your legs that often times can cause you to be depressed even when it doesn’t work.

About Chris

Chris Brogan is an author, keynote speaker and business advisor who helps companies become more human. The age of factory-sized interactions is over. We all come one to a pack. And it’s time to accept that we are all a little bit dented. In a world of ever-increasing pressure and stress, you’ve been told to smile, hide your “flaws,” and fit in. You aren’t a category. People don’t want to fit in. They want to belong. Dents and all. Chris advises leadership teams to empower team members by sharing actionable insights on workplace wellness. He also works with marketing and communications teams to more effectively reach people who want to be seen and understood before they buy what a company sells.

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