Embracing The Second Half of Life – Salvatore Sapienza

If you’re hating on your mid-life, then no wonder you could be in a crisis. On the other hand, you could be writing and publishing your first book, finding your calling that was so far removed from what you thought, and then finding out that your second book was being made into a movie.

Sound like a dream? Not for Salvatore Sapienza. This is his 40 Plus life and he’s relishing every bit of it because he’s allowing the surrendering to life to move him beyond the “Now what?”

About Salvatore

Salvatore Sapienza is a former religious brother in the Catholic Church who worked alongside Father Mychal Judge (“The Saint of 9/11”) in helping to establish St. Francis AIDS Ministry, one of the first Catholic AIDS organizations in the country. ​ A spiritual teacher and speaker, Sapienza has written three books: “Mychal’s Prayer,” “Gay is a Gift,” and “Seventy Times Seven,” on which the film, “Brotherly Love” is based. Sapienza has led workshops, classes and retreats around the country, including the annual LGBT Spirituality retreat at Unity Village. He is a graduate of New York University (NYU) and All Faiths Seminary in New York City. ​ Sapienza is an ordained minister serving as pastor of the UCC church in Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan, where he lives with his husband, Gregg, and their cat, Oscar.





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