175: Having PRIDE at Any Age and Stage of Your Gay Life – Rick Clemons

40 Plus Host Rick Clemons

It’s PRIDE month, but PRIDE should be something as a guy over 40, you should have in yourself all year long. Every day, in every way. But what do you do when you question that PRIDE in yourself, and buy into the crap of “I have nothing to be proud about in my life”? You listen to this short little podcast about building up your pride and truly loving your 40+ gay self – every minute of every day!

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  1. Dan on 06/03/2022 at 10:03 AM

    I appreciate your comments in this podcast (and generally, for that matter!)… it’s so easy to let shame and guilt make me think that I have nothing to be express pride about but, even if I’m not marching in a Pride parade or waving my rainbow flag publicly, I can be proud of the daughters I’ve raised, the success I’ve achieved in my career, and the good I’ve done over my 67 years.

    As I move forward in being more open about being a gay man, I can also be proud of myself for working toward authenticity and truth and the willingness to rethink so many long held ideas and beliefs that no longer serve the man I am becoming.

    Thanks! Looking forward to your second book – FMDIG was one of my first reads in the coming out process….

    • Rick Clemons on 06/03/2022 at 10:12 AM

      Thanks for sharing and glad the podcast helped. Yes be proud of what you accomplished and take pride in that. Authenticity is the key and how you do that is up to you, and only you. Happy Pride and thanks for being a listener.


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