Gay Men's Monthly Online Chats

Safe, supportive spaces to talk about the stuff needing talked about!

40 Plus Men's Chats
1st Monday of The Month
(Excluding Holidays)

These chats grew out of the podcast by the same name, 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk.

We have candid conversations for mostly gay guys over 40, with guys over 40 (but straight guys are welcome too). Nothing is off limits - relationships, sex, health, careers, passions, purpose, success, failures - we cover it all on our monthly chats that are themed for a particular topic, but the floor is wide open for anyone to chat about anything they have going on in their lives.

Men from all walks of life are welcome - gay, straight, retired, still working, divorced, in long-term relationships - even though we seem to draw a mostly gay crowd, we do not discriminate and  our goal is to create a safe, non-judgmental, virtual environment for guys over 40 to have real talks, with real men.

We don't throw shade, we dump our bullshit at the door, and we ensure that who you are and how you show up as a man is accepted with open arms. Our goal is for you to be seen, heard, understood while gaining clarity on whatever situation is going on in your life.

Coming Out Men's Chats
3rd Monday of The Month
(Excluding Holidays)

Coming out is a challenging endeavor, even with the right support. Add to the mix coming out later in life, possibly having been married, being a parent, and the journey gets even more chaotic.

Born out of the work that Rick became known for as The Coming Out Coach, and using over 400 episodes of the Life (UN)Closeted as a wealth of information, Coming Out Men's Chats are that safe space for the guy who is struggling with his sexuality, exploring the possibilities coming out of the closet, or already navigating his new life as a gay man.

From saying you're gay, to hooking up; wanting a monogamous relationship to having conversations with your kids about being gay; navigating minds of gay men to understanding your sexual health - our chats are aimed at giving you support, helping you gain clarity, and creating a space to chat with like-minded guys on the same journey to come out of the closet with dignity and respect.  Open up, and know you are not alone in this journey.

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