409: Coming out of the closet about suicide – Anne Moss Rogers

Death is never pretty, easy, or something that we are trained to contend with in our lives. We know it is inevitable, but death by suicide is never anything that we can be fully prepared for, especially with it is a death by suicide by our child. It hurts, it brings up tons of questions, and it incites grief, anger, and blame. Yet at the core of the suicide equation is a mental health issue that needs to be addressed.

Anne-Moss is a mother of a son who died by suicide, not commited suicide, and there’s a reason she prefers to use that terminology. In her journey of loss she has come out of the closet of blame, grief, and sorrow, and continues to come out of the closet on so many fronts about how you work with, process, and live through a suicide. Her book Diary of a Broken Mind, shares her journey, insights, and tips for moving through and past the loss of a loved one by suicide. Today she shares her story by coming out of the closet of a mother surviving her child’s death by suicide.

About Anne-Moss

Anne Moss Rogers is the emotionally naked® public speaker, the 2019 YWCA Pat Asch Fellow for social justice, brain tumor survivor and author of the book, Diary of a Broken Mind. She owns the popular Emotionally Naked blog and sold her digital marketing business to pursue suicide prevention after her son Charles’ died by suicide June 5, 2015. He struggled with depression and addiction. She has given a TEDx, been interviewed by the New York Times and was the first suicide loss survivor asked to speak at the National Institute of Mental Health. A graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, she lives in Richmond, VA and her surviving son, Richard, is a filmmaker in LA.

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