411: Making it ok to break the rules – Tanis Frame

Life is a series of rules. Or is life meant to be about breaking the rules? In reality, it’s a combination of both that require us to play with the rules and see where that takes us. As a Status Quo Disruptor, I’m all about breaking the rules…for good. I found my co-conspirator in breaking rules with Tanis Frame, creative play Ninja, who breaks the rules in order to help people thrive.

To often we get caught up in follow the rules, follow the rules, follow the rules, when maybe the better route is to test, break, and re-write the rules. That’s exactly what living a Life (UN)Closeted is all about – rewriting the rules, and that is what Tanis and I explore today – the play of rewriting life’s rules so that we can thrive.

About Tanis

Tanis Frame is a sought after speaker, long time facilitator, leadership coach and creative play ninja who spearheads the DECIDE TO THRIVE MOVEMENT, helping passionate people create the impact they are called to make in the world while thriving deeply in all aspects of their lives.

With a background steeped in science she is uniquely skilled at teasing out the relevant insights and connecting the dots in a profoundly actionable way and brings a refreshingly adventurous spirit to exploring our human nature unlocking huge opportunity for change and growth.

Tanis believes thriving starts with deeply aligned and integrated personal leadership – without which we can’t effectively nor sustainably lead anyone or anything else. That leaning into joy is our sacred responsibility and that play is the way home. When we decide to thrive, we play by a different set of rules.

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