415: Uncloseting your faith and becoming an non-believer – Geoff Kullman

Sometimes you gotta have faith, and then other times you realize that maybe not believing in God is more your truth. But what kind of crisis of faith causes you to stop believing and to live in the integrity of your own truth?

Geoff Kullman shares his coming out of the closet to become an Atheist story and everything that entails from leaving his church to managing his relationships with his spouse and children, to the world at large. This fascinating chat shows how losing faith in anything can cause you to wake up and find your own “faith” truth to live by.

About Geoff

Geoff Kullman is a brand-awareness and direct-response copywriter for influencers, experts, and thought leaders. That’s basically a fancy way of saying he writes marketing materials for people you’ve heard of but he’s too polite to mention their names (probably because he’s from Canada). Geoff puts identity and integrity at the core of his writing… which is why you’re going to want to listen to his story!

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