417: Uncloseting a minimal life – The RV Way – Ashley Gann

She already knows how to stand out in crowd. She’s a STEM gal – science, technology, engineering, and math wizard. She’s a woman in a mostly male dominated world – Chief Meteorologist at CBS 42 in Birmingham, Alabama. And, now she’s coming out of the closet to live a minimalist life with her husband and three young kids…wait for it…in an RV. Not out of necessity, but out of choice.

Loving what it’s done for her and her family, and discovering that we really don’t need as much stuff as we think we do in life, Ashley is sharing her journey out of the closet of suburbia living, to permanent RV life…at least for now…and the joys and happiness it has brought to her life.

About Ashley

Ashley Gann, Chief Meteorologist at CBS 42 in Birmingham, Alabama is a mom, wife, and advocate. With her background in Aerospace Engineering and Geosciences, Ashley engages women in the sciences. Professionally, Ashley is one of a very small group of women named Chief Meteorologist. She knows that our professional STEM communities needs more women and when she isn’t delivering the daily forecast, she is actively speaking to groups, schools, and corporations about the need for young girls to engage in STEM and the need to retain working women in STEM.

Ashley is passionate about gender equity and equality and hopes to provide ways to bridge the gender gap in our STEM communities. And….Ashley and her family have decided to go live in an RV, yes, sell their home and move into a house on wheels, in the middle of the woods, just off the lake. She has learned the value in being a minimalist and found that she has reprioritized what matters most; spending time with the people she loves.

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