425: Coming Out Of The COVID19 Closet – Rick Clemons

Like a sneaking suspicion, or a bad Halloween nightmare, COVID19 hit the world and suddenly, we were all thrust into the closet. Isolation, fear, stress, uncertainty. If you’ve never hid in the closet, now you know what it is like. So what happens next?

At some point we all hope to come out of this, but while you’re in this closet are you exploring positivity or wallowing in negativity? Will you bring your new found discoveries out of the closet with you in a positive way, or will you rush out, back to old habits or possibly even worse, new addictions.

Today we explore the possibilities that lie beyond the closet door of COVID19, because like it or not you might be experiencing your first coming out story and you don’t even realize it and you are going to need these six steps to help you integrate back into your life.