429: Generational Pride & Coming Out – Two Stories – Anthony Catalino

He’s 38, the other he is 56. One came out at 16 but still hid, the other came out at 19 and hid until he was 36. In honor of pride we take look at generational pride and what coming out, being out, and living with pride means from two different perspectives.

In the heat of the COVID19 outbreak, I met Anthony Catalino on one of my free calls that I offer for the LGBTQ community. Over the past few weeks we’ve become social distanced friends who are both working to help people to live their truth. Today we explore the pride perspectives we both hold dear to our hearts as gay men and what pride means to us. Enjoy this fun, brash conversation as we celebrate PRIDE 2020.

About Anthony

Anthony Catalino is a Transformational Coach based outside of NYC, helping gay men in their

20s & 30s become their true authentic self. As a gay man in his late 30s, he has been successful

finding his own inner happiness, seeing life through a positive lens, and building healthy

relationships with himself and others. The freedom he experienced was far too brilliant to keep

quiet, and so he’s been motivating others to do the same since even before getting his coaching

certificate in 2015.

Prior to his success, Anthony had spent years living in fear, judging his worth, and confused with

the purpose of life. Self-educating himself became his primary focus, and he’s literally

transformed his world and resembles something all walks of life crave; Authenticity, Courage,

Compassion, and Love.

Today, Anthony offers a range of coaching programs and services – from individual coaching, to

group coaching, to masterminds, seminars and keynote speeches

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