433: Tapping into your soul wounds to uncloset your personal destiny – Deneen Joyner

How often do we hold ourselves back simply because we let the wounds of our past, or from others keep us from showing up as our truest self? Way to often! It’s the relinquishing of our power that keeps us from dealing with our wounds and stepping into the healing so that we can live our truest self and life.

Soul Medium and Spiritual Coach Deneen Joyner helps us explore our wounds so that we can come out of the closets of our life to create our own sacred revelations of who we are meant to be and how we are meant to show up in life.

About Deneen

Deneen Joyner is a Soul Medium, Spiritual Coach and Storyteller whose soul mission is to guide others on how to follow the footprints left by their ancestors to uncover the spiritual inheritance tied to their pain, gifts and destiny, so they may heal and fulfill their holy assignments. As a seventh-generation shaman and heiress to her ancestor’s ancient indigenous practices in self-guided soul healing, Deneen offers a unique approach to how women can partner with themselves and their pain to clear their souls. Deneen offers insightful guidance surrounding the intergenerational DNA behind family karma and emotional pain, which she gained as an 18-year professional in social work. She offers soul readings through private coaching, as well as with live audiences and radio interviews.

About Her Book

Deneen is the nationally award-winning author of Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations: A Warrior Daughter’s Awakening to Pain and Destiny. In it, she examines the DNA surrounding emotional pain and provides a blueprint for uncovering the lessons that are sent into our lives for the purpose of healing, evolution and mastering pain. The author delves into the role our ancestors and family play in allowing us to know ourselves, including how our divine assignments are intrinsically tied to yet-unfulfilled soul contracts that can span several lifetimes.

The book begs the questions: Why have we settled for living with emotional pain? How did we learn to respond to it? Why must we hit rock bottom for God to gain our attention? Deneen’s intimate story of struggle and redemption provides answers for how each of us can see ourselves for truly who we are: more divine than human. The book gives us permission to break our own hearts and be wrong about all the ugly things we’ve ever thought about ourselves. Ultimately, it offers the hope of embracing the possibility that we are so much more than our pain.

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