436: Tiny Leaps, Big Changes – Gregg Clunis

Let’s get that great paying job. Oh wait, that’s way to big of a step. Let’s take that trip around the world. Oh wait, that’s to big of a step. Let’s finally come out of the closet. Oh wait, that’s to big of a step. Life is full of big steps, that lead to big changes, but the key is realizing, you can get there with tiny steps.

Author Gregg Clunis – Tiny Leaps, Big Changes – shares insights on how all big changes come from the tiny leaps you take every day.

About Gregg

Gregg believes that no matter how busy you are or how hopeless and confused you might feel, your goals are possible if you can focus your time and energy on the tiniest next step rather than letting the fog overwhelm you.

That might be hard to believe, but his life is proof of what is possible when you keep moving forward taking each day with one tiny leap at a time. When he was 8 his family sold everything they owned and immigrated to the U.S. with no real connections, no options, and no opportunity.

Over the next 19 years his parents worked themselves to the bone taking every tiny opportunity they could find and squeezing it for everything it had. Slowly but surely they created a life for their family and allowed Gregg the opportunities they never had.

All big changes comes from the tiny leaps you take every day. This is the approach to life that my parents used to create the life he has now and, if you’re willing to embrace it, it’s the same approach that will help you take a tiny leap of courage and get more out of your life.

That philosophy has turned into a podcasta book, and a thriving digital community that spans 170+ countries.

Most importantly? That philosophy has become the commonality across all of his work.

At the end of the day, it’s not actually about personal development.

It’s about understanding the factors that cause and effect change across all of life. Change on a personal level, changes in society and culture, and change on a global scale.

In his content, art, and businesses he will explore these topics and create frameworks around them in order to help each of us harness those factors.

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