439 – What Scares You Most About Coming Out – Trent Park

Needed to come out before his family found out.

About Trent

Trent Park is out now with “Scare Me Most”, the first of his new singles and music videos that he will be releasing this summer. Written and produced by the artist in collaboration with his creative partner Bodes, the haunting Pop/hip-hop track paints love as the villain in Park’s life story; something with as much potential to inflict pain as it does to bring joy.

Park admits, “For me, the most terrifying thing in life is love. So many times, I’ve invested in relationships that weren’t real or I foolishly believed there was a spark only to find out it was one sided. ‘Scare Me Most’ is about my desire (mixed with horror) to have the real die-for-you type of love as opposed to the weak, Netflix and chill/it’s complicated type of love most people are after these days.” Trent Park’s “Scare Me Most” is being distributed independently and is available via Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms. The music video is available on YouTube.

As an indie artist, now with no management or backing, Trent Park acknowledges the benefits to music being the #1 love in his life. The absence of romantic love allows his focus to be solely on creating and ingesting art. Music is his business and Park has a job to do. He even refuses to wait around for inspiration. He spends his days pushing himself into creativity: constantly searching, fighting and working for it.

Trent Park was born and raised in Syracuse, NY, the son of a black minister father and a Mexican minister mother. As one of two people of color in an all-white private Christian school, he learned to adjust to different situations, like a chameleon. “My whole life was playing a part, switching constantly to appeal to the crowd I was hanging around,” he explains. As he grew older, his outsider status was only compounded by the fact that Trent is gay.

“It wasn’t until after college when I moved to the west coast that I finally met people that looked like me. I saw black, gay, music industry professionals, fully open with their sexualities and living the life I wanted to live. It was the coolest thing and it really helped my confidence to grow so that I could walk boldly in my truth.”

“What I know today is that being a cocktail of minorities makes me special and it’s that unique perspective that I look forward to serving.”

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