442: Coming Out of the Dieter Closet – Tyler Hall

You’re too fat, not built enough, and god knows nobody wants to see you naked. Sound familiar? For many of us it is the bane of existence in the yo-yo world of hiding in the dieting closet. Add to that world the fact that you are LGBTQ and our own community thrives on the perfection of the perfect body, mostly to hide from our own insecurities that have still not been dealt with in our lives.

Speaking from the heart, Tyler Hall takes us on his journey out of the self-abuse dieting closet to come out and love himself and his body as a gay man just as he is.

About Tyler

Tyler is a certified Holistic Health and Wellness coach who specializes in helping chronic dieters DITCH the diet so they can live a happy healthy life.

At the ripe age of 14 he tried his first diet, and would spend the next 10 years struggling with deprivation and restrictive eating during the day; followed by nights of uncontrollable binging.

Eventually he had a spiritual awakening moment that forever changed the way he saw his body and dieting forever.

For the majority of his life he had been chasing success and weight loss with a deprivation, and restrictive mindset. The way he talked and treated my body was horrible. He wasn’t nurturing or supporting his body. And then, just like that he realized that DIETS DON’T WORK! Diets deprive, and when we are depriving, we aren’t allowing ourselves to truly be in alignment with who we truly are.

The diet culture is all about telling you that you’re not enough. You’re not thin enough. You’re not healthy enough. You’re not fit enough. And this constant propaganda from the diet and weight loss community is toxic. ONLY YOU GET TO DECIDE IF YOU’RE FIT ENOUGH, OR HEALTHY ENOUGH, OR THIN ENOUGH.

After 10 years of the toxic diet culture he decided to dive head first into really tackling his weight-loss and taking complete control of his life.

Since doing so he’s been able to lose over 50 pounds, completely change the way he views his body, and for the first time he’s able to look at himself in the mirror and actually say “I Love You” to himself…and mean it!

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