449: Six Habits That You Can Use To Be Free of Your Closet – Laura DiBenedetto

We’re just barely a couple of weeks into the new year and already some of you have blown the resolutions, and even more of you said, “Screw resolutions, I’m just going to keep living!” Regardless of your approach, the way to succeed at anything is by creating a positive effective habit around the goal you are trying to achieve, even if that goal is coming out of the closet.

Today we explore Six Habits For Bringing Your Dreams To Life with Author Laura Di Benedetto. We talk practical ways to step beyond any closet you might find yourself stuck in.


Laura DiBenedetto is a TEDx speaker, success coach, podcaster, educator, and researcher. She started her first company at nineteen years old and went on to retire at thirty-seven, only to discover happiness wasn’t what she thought it was.

Her awakening and subsequent journey into true success, passion, pleasure, joy, and profound love of life inspired the book, The Six Habits. She has helped countless people to transform their lives through her public appearances, newsletters, books, and products.

Laura grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, USA, and now lives on the Island of Maui in Hawaii, USA. You can find out more about her and sign up for her newsletter at lauradibenedetto.com

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