452: Finding Pride and Joy Beyond Suicide and Conversion Therapy – Elena Joy Thurston

Trapped in a belief system, a marriage, and a construct that said, “Just be happy being a wife, Mom, and serving God or go to hell, caused Elena Joy Thurston to finally wake up to her truth. She was a Lesbian and it wasn’t just about sex. It was about being who she was authentically at her core, regardless of what anyone else was trying to say or destroy inside her. Out of that tortuous journey she rose out of the madness, and through another twist of madness – COVID19 – establish a community of Pride and Joy helping others from all sides of the coming out journey to find peace and tranquility – no conversion therapy necessary.

About Elena Joy Thurston

I am Elena Joy Thurston and I am a suicide survivor. I lived an inauthentic life until my late 30s, feeling crushingly alone even though I was married with kids and surrounded by love. I am now the Executive Director of the Pride and Joy Foundation. We are the only nonprofit that supports entire LGBTQ families, whether they are queer parents navigating the “Mom & Dad” parenting world, straight parents trying desperately to keep a close connection with their LGBTQ child, or a grandparent who just wants to learn how to best love their favorite grandchild. We make sure every LGBTQ person feels valued and knows they belong.

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