455: Stepping Out of The Suicide Closet Into Your Authentic Purpose – Rob Tull

What happens when you finally come to that moment where it’s stay in the game or step out? If you are lucky like Rob Tull, the universe said, “Sorry we’re not done with you yet,” and you get another chance to step into your path beyond the burnout of life and step out of the closet of despair to be unethically who you are. Rob shares his journey beyond suicide and a failed relationship to stand solidly in the path that was just waiting for him to catch up to it.

About Rob

Rob is a success coach, author, and speaker, and founder of Path2 Coaching. He is passionate about helping others find the best path for their happiness and success. Rob has over 20 years of experience as an executive, consultant, and thought leader in the financial services field. He understands first-hand the burnout and personal consequences that come from years of stress and postponing genuine happiness.

Rob is the creator of the Path2 Program which is philosophy and process to achieve happiness and fulfillment without compromising on goals or what we already have. His Path2 techniques and insights have been featured in 3 international best-selling books. Rob is a Certified Professional Coach. He has degrees in finance and business law, and several professional certifications, and he is an adjunct law professor. Rob is a single father to a teenage son.

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