467 – Gender FCK the Stereotypes – Rae McDaniel

FCK GENDER! At least that’s what a sector of our world population about the twice the population of Canada has to say. But what does that mean when THEY don’t identify as he/him/his or she/her/hers? It simply means they see themselves as something other than the norm. So why should that boggle the minds of the rest of us? It shouldn’t, but it does, only because we have to re-engineer our own societal grooming about what gender really means.

Rae McDaniel, sex therapist and coach walks us through this “new” way of being in the world as who you are, no need for apologies. We kick off Pride Month with this candid informative interview.


Rae McDaniel is a non-binary gender and sex therapist-turned-coach who works with transgender/non-binary/questioning folks feeling lost while transitioning their gender identity. They are the creator of GenderFck: The Club, a one-of-a-kind, research-based online group coaching community of transgender/non-binary/questioning folks who are on a mission to transition with less suffering and more ease. Rae is the founder of Practical Audacity, a gender and sex therapy practice in Chicago. They also provide training for medical and mental health professionals wishing to uplevel their knowledge in trans-affirming care. Rae holds a Master’s of Education in community counseling.

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