472: Liberated Living For Gay Men – Matthew Raymond

So why is it that gay men say they want love, success, happiness, but they let fear and and failure get in the way? Surprisingly it stems from a lot of internalized shame and beliefs that we are simply “not enough!” To prove that theory wrong, burned out teacher and fellow life coach Matthew Raymond and I dive deep into the world of liberated living as a gay man, as we explore what you can do when you dump your fears, excuses, shame and guilt for being who you are.

About Matthew

Matthew Raymond is a gay life coach and the creator of Liberated Living. He brings his former experience as a teacher and community organizer into his coaching practice. Matthew works primarily with individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, supporting them to unpack their shame, stop performing, and live more authentically. He loves working with anyone who has a vision of who they want to be, but are held back by thoughts of who they “should” be. More than anything, Matthew is a lover, a healer, and a great listener. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his husband and dog.

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