473: Overcoming the Inner Saboteur – Yannick Picard

Whether you’re coming out of the closet or leaving a job that is sucking the life out of you, as you make that decision, your ugly little saboteurs are going to show up, you know those inner critics, to throw you off track. They don’t want you to do what you want to do most. Instead they want to throw you curve balls to play it safe. That all ends today. Or at least let’s try to make it the beginning of the end with your inner saboteur. Fellow coach Yannick Picard and I take on our inner saboteurs and guide to the work of Shirzad Chamine’s, New York Times bestseller and Stanford lectures about the 9 Ways We Self Sabotage. If you’re ready to move forward out of your stuckness, this is the podcast to kick start your journey and to kick your saboteur in the ass.

About Yannick

Yannick Picard was only 16 years old when he was bitten by the coaching “bug”. He was watching a late-night infomercial and actually purchased the Tony Robbin’s Personal Power audio cassette program. He was blown away with what he learned from the 30-day personal development program.

Back then, “coaching” was a term reserved for sports coaches, and being pre-internet days, Yannick put the desire aside as he couldn’t find training for it.

Since then, Yannick has been a highly successful associate in the corporate/business world, a top selling Real Estate Broker and even a personal trainer!

Let’s be clear, it wasn’t all roses and sunshine in the 25 years that followed. Yannick, as most do, experienced life’s rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and he didn’t understand why relationships, and careers seemed to come so easily for many, yet remained elusive for him.

Then, he met a guy. “THE guy”. Out of nowhere, he ended 9 months of happy, fun dating and in doing so, lit the fuse that made a KABOOM in Yannick’s world.

Shortly thereafter, an opportunity came up to be a certified coach.

Yannick jumped at it. Yannick’s desire to help people overcome their saboteurs, increase their level of confidence, and transform their lives has developed into his mission, purpose, and pathway.

Today, Yannick helps people uncover what’s stopping them from living the life and the relationships of their dreams. He teaches them how to expose and weaken their saboteurs and strengthen their inner sage; break free from and transform their limiting beliefs and create a vision for what they would love to have. By sharing his unique tools and strategies, Yannick helps them make their dream a reality

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