474: They Can’t All Be Betty – Angela Briones

you Do you ever wish your parents were as accepting of you as Betty DeGeneres was of Ellen? Or maybe you wish you could just accept that your parents our on a journey, just like you, when you make that grand announcement that you are LGBTQ? We all have our moments where we wish, wish, wish we could have more acceptance – one family at a time.

Banding together, in true LGBTQ fashion, Angel Briones – creator and host of the “They Can’t All Be Betty” podcast – and I take you a dual podcast recording venture to talk about families, coming out, and how we can all be Betty in our own way when we allow open-minded conversations to take place in the coming out process.

About Angela

Angela Briones is the creator and host of the podcast They Can’t All Be Betty, where she flips the lens on the coming-out story, invites families into the conversation, and opens the closet one story at a time. You can follow her on Instagram at @theycantallbebettypodcast.

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