477: The Beauty of Being Flawed And Complicated – Benji Carr

We’re all flawed, all complicated, and all hunger to be accepted to be just who we are in the world. But, we also desire to feel safe. The bigger question is, “How do you feel safe when everyone sees you as flawed or complicated?” You don’t let them IMPACT your life. You live you, and share your flawed and complicated life, even if that means you admit you’ve been abused – physically and emotionally…because someone else needs to hear your story. Benji Carr, author, journalist, and performer, takes us on his journey to come out of his closet – gay and otherwise – to embrace his flaw with making it complicated journey.

About Benji

As a child growing up in the South with cerebral palsy, Benji Carr developed an eye for the bizarre and quirky, which provided all of the stories he told his friends and family with a bit of flavor. Working as a journalist, storyteller and playwright, his work – whether the stories be personal tales of struggle and survival or fiction about cannibal lunch ladies, puppet romances, drag queen funerals, and perverted killer circus clowns – has been featured in The Guardian, ArtsATL and Pembroke Magazine. Onstage, his pieces have been presented at the Center for Puppetry Arts, Alliance Theatre, and as part of the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival in Manhattan. He lives in Atlanta and helps run the online literary magazine, Gutwrench Journal. IMPACTED is his first novel.

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