478: Embracing The Season of Your Life – Christine Sako

In the midst of the lovely and unexpected pandemic – COVID19 – love can was found and lost. It was a season. A season that brought to a head by a clear cut understanding that you can think and feel one way about the person you are in a relationship with, only to find out they are thinking and feeling a completely different way, and suddenly – GAME OVER – or in this songwriter/singers case – THAT’S THE END OF THIS SEASON!

Yet, seasons are meant to start and stop, come and go, and that’s why for Asian American singer songwriter, Christine Sako, the season of falling in and out love during a pandemic helped her realize you gotta be real with the journey and the situation if you are ever going to grow. Her new song Seasoned, takes us on a journey to her truth of being exactly who she is meant to be in the world.

About Christine

Asian American indie synth pop artist unveiled a fresh chapter of her music career with her new single “Seasoned.”

Known for peeling back the layers of everyday problems and human experiences, Sako is a master at uncovering the depths of life while keeping her music captivating and one-of-a-kind. Layered with gorgeous harmonies and bright instruments, “Seasoned” showcases Sako’s strong writing and overall musical imaginativeness.

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