479: Coming Out To Be A One Arm Wonder – Nick Gatto

Stuttering, and one arm

About Nick

Nick is an incredibly unique individual. Born with only one arm, Nick was forced to turn what many would call a handicap into an unforeseen opportunity. Nick grew up playing sports and was blessed with the opportunity to play football at both the collegiate and professional levels. He has been featured in many local and national publications and TV shows including USA Today, FOX SPORTS LIVE, ESPN, and The George Michael Sports Machine.

In 2004 he founded a kicking and punting school – 4th and 10 – where he now trains and works with specialists at all levels including NFL, NCAA, and High School. Over the years his clients began to ask questions regarding motivation, nutrition, and life skills.

In 2017 he decided to enroll and join the Institute of Integrative Nutrition earning his certification. Seeking further knowledge, Nick received additional certifications in nutrition through Precision Nutrition in 2019.

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