485: It’s ok to come out, and come out again – Jenna Slaughter

It’s one thing to come out, but to do it again…oy vey. That takes guts, bravery, and courage. Yet, when we are who we are, the world is so much easier to navigate. That’s why, we, Jenna Slaughter and I believe it is important to have the conversation about being exactly in the world just as you are. Jenna is a non-binary individual who first came out as Lesbian (which is about sexual orientation), then they came out as non-binary (which is about gender identity). It’s the perfect authenticity conversation about being your most authentic self as we head into National Coming Out Day – October 11th.

About Jenna

Self-love Coach, Speaker, Holistic Embodiment Educator, Podcaster and LGBTQ+ Mental Health activist. They help perfectionists and people pleasers get out of cycles of self-sabotage so the can gain momentum to take off!

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