488: Kicking ass and taking names, even when bedridden – Andrea Mastrobattista

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and before you know it, you find yourself in bed, and not for the funnest reasons. For many of us that would mean – THIS LIFE SUCKS! For others, it means kick yourself in the ass, even though your ass is the reason you’re bedridden and transforming nearly overwhelming physical challenges and into your greatest superpowers. Inspirational is the best way to describe Andrea Mastrobattista who shares her journey out of the closet of a medical condition that bound her to bed for over three years.

About Andrea

Andrea Mastrobattista is an inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and Chief Empowerment Officer at her company, Operation INSPIRATION. Born with spina bifida and recently coming off a more-than-three-year journey on strict bedrest healing a Stage IV Pressure Ulcer, Andrea is known to her audience as InspiraWoman, and she’s widely recognized for her resilient nature and her ability to take any adversity she faces and transform it into one of her superpowers.

Andrea’s credo and her message to the world is: No matter what challenges you face, you have what it takes to create and live the life you love. And through her inspirational work, Andrea helps you to recognize, embrace and embody your unique, innate ability to be who you truly are so you can have that life you were meant to live.

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