490: How To Not Let Addiction Rule Your LGBTQ Life This Holiday Season – Gregory Silva

The holidays are upon us along with the fun, joy, and STRESS. So how do you not let the stress drive you into your potential addiction, or ratchet up that addiction? You take the necessary steps to say, I need help. You also realize as an LGBTQ inidivual that you are up to 10x’s more likely to become an addict than our heterosexual counterparts on the planet. Helping us unravel the mysteries of addiction and offering up ways to combat it, Gregory Silva, Director of Operations at Living Longer Recovery, joins us for a candid conversation about addiction and recovery…just in time for the holidays!

About Gregory

Gregory Silva was born and raised on a farm in Northern California. After graduating from Sonoma State University, he was employed in the media industry and various international marketing firms. This career path took him all over the world, and at one point he was even living and working in France.

However, in 2012, Gregory’s best friend overdosed and passed away. Looking for answers to the addiction plague, Gregory ended up changing careers in order to help people recover from addiction and live fuller lives. He is now dedicated to educating people suffering from addiction, as well as their loved ones and employers, about the pathways to recovery. As the Director of Operations at Living Longer Recovery, he enjoys the challenges that come with the position and the opportunity to help change the direction of the clients he encounters.

In his spare time, you will find him volunteering and rescuing abandoned pets.

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