492: Never forget our Transgender Brothers and Sisters – Trevor Boylston

“This transgender walked into the bar…” Cringe. Or, “You can tell he’s a man by the apple logged in his throat, no matter what dress he wears!” Cruel, cruel, cruel. These are the types of off-handed, transphobic remarks that can have a painful impact on the person in your office, in the cubicle right next to you that causes us to have to honor, those who are no longer with us on Transgender Day of Remembrance. To help us better understand how to be more accepting and supportive of our transgender brothers and sisters, Trevor Boylston, an expert in LGBTQ+ empowerment, and man who happens to be trans, joins us as we honor Transgender Remembrance Day, November 20th.

About Trevor

Trevor Boylston is the guy in the cube next to you who brings the ‘everyman’ perspective to working in a corporate environment as a transgender individual. Trevor’s decision to be open regarding his identity as a transgender man allowed him to develop an open communication path, welcoming questions from colleagues and creating space for growth and learning.

With experience driving LGBTQ+ empowerment at a leading medical device company, and volunteer service with a leading LGBTQ+ community health center, Trevor brings an authentic view of how to foster an inclusive culture within a corporate structure.

Trevor currently resides in Massachusetts with his wife, toddler, and energetic dog. He works in Supplier Diversity and Sourcing, serves on the Board of Directors for Fenway Health, and founded the Grafton MA LGBTQ+ community organization. He enjoys the sport of curling and spending time creating works of art from stained glass, wood, and acrylic.

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