493: – Giving Thanks For Motherhood – However, You Get there – Liz Grubb

You had a plan. Marriage – check. Children – check. Your own flesh and blood family – no check. But that didn’t stop you and you went full-in to become a parent – despite the odds, and challenges. Giving full gratitude this Thanksgiving Eve, my friend Liz Grubb and I uncover her route to non-traditional parenthood and why her forever children are just the right fit for her and her hubby. 

About Liz

Liz Grubb is a higher education professional juggling serving students full time and parenting two adoptive special needs children. She and her husband have been foster parents and made two trips overseas to Poland and then to China for intercountry adoption. Her faith, an amazing network of support, and a regular chai latte in hand have helped this mama of two navigate countless therapy sessions, specialist appointments, and a variety of medical procedures. She is currently working at a local private college, co-hosting the podcast 2 Adoptive Mama, and being a wife and a mom. Liz is committed to helping other adoptive mamas thrive professionally and personally amidst the growing needs of family. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, son, and crazy cat.

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