495: Why there’s nothing wrong with still figuring out your pronouns – (Eli)zabeth Owens

Nothing anyone did caused them to know they were different. But, they felt it and began exploring it and realized they were on the right path for them. Beyond addiction and into full recovery they found that their music, digital artistry and desire to explore more of who they are, led them to create “Knock Knock,” a psychedelic folk-rock sound recently launched by Baroque-pop singer-songwriter and LGBTQ+ advocate (Eli)zabeth Owens. Join us as we explore the dark side of their ego, confronting and overcoming their alcohol/drug use to achieve sobriety and showcase their individuality in their own unique LGBTQ+ way of being in the world.

About Eli(zabeth)

Baroque-pop singer-songwriter (Eli)zabeth Owens bravely displays their vulnerabilities in their full-length album Knock Knock, released August 13. Knock Knock, the second heavily visual album by (Eli)zabeth Owens, is an ambitious and exhilarating departure from the psychedelic folk-rock sounds they’ve come to be known for. Showcasing an eclectic mix of electronic samples, experimental production and complex vocal layering atop lush arrangements of harp, piano and lead guitar, this avant-garde baroque-pop roller coaster makes for an intense and captivating listen.

Conceptually, Knock Knock is a continuation of Owens’ “Coming of Age” saga. Told in three acts, the record explores themes of sobriety, ego deconstruction, and spiritual materialism. For Eli, creating this album helped them explore the dark side of their ego, confronting and overcoming their alcohol/drug use to achieve sobriety.

The 15-song album is laden with experimental sounds of breathing, atmospheric vocals, ocean waves, and samples of ordinary things (rain, record player fuzz, salt & pepper shakers, piggy banks) paired with more traditional instrumentation such as piano, guitar, synth, bass, drum loops, and harp. The fusion of unlikely sound creates an immersive and transformative listening experience that can only be experienced. Eli isn’t concerned with trying to sound like someone else in their music, instead, creating honestly with a passion for the project and what it means to them. Their ability to combine folk mythos and sound with experimental pop production and video components allows Eli to stand out as an artist in today’s oversaturated music industry.

Eli has created enchanting music videos for each song on the album, expressing the transformative and surreal nature of the music to the listener through visual aide.

Eli also helps run an LGBTQ+ benefit label and artist collective called Grimalkin Records. They support marginalized artists (priority to QTBIPOC) through releasing and promoting their music and also connecting them with local advocacy efforts to bridge the gap between art and grassroots activism.

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