501: Jesus Loves You, Yes He Does You Little LGBTQ Bundle of Joy – Eric Feltes

Religious trauma. Seems to be the norm for a majority of LGBTQ people that you encoutner. “You’re damned to hell!” or “You’re a sinner!” Of course most those people hurling those words for get that they’re divorced (a sin), have committed adultery (a sin), have eaten pig (a sin), worn woven fabrics (a sin), but all of that is forgivable, but you just can’t be a man and lay with another man, or a woman and lay with another woman – well women that’s ok because men find that pleasing to their naughty little minds.

Well listen up you LGBTQ sinners (which you’re not), there’s a new minister in town and his name is Eric Feltes and he is sashaying his way into your world on Instagram and TikTok show you a new light for accepting yourself and moving past your religious trauma.

About Eric

Through creativity, authenticity, and courage, Eric Feltes cultivates connection and tells stories in order to inspire others to love themselves and the world around them. In his professional life, he does this through acting and life coaching. Through his coaching business, Eric helps other gay men free themselves from Church shame, a topic he knows a great deal about, seeing as he has lived through this trauma himself. In his free time, Eric loves spending time with his dog, his twenty plants, and his close friends in Los Angeles.

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