503: Creating A Space For Care, Belonging, and Peace – Diana Cutaia

You need to make more space. Get a storage unit for the crap in your life so you can make space for more PEACE in your life. Why? Without PEACE, it’s a pretty miserable existence here on the good old planet earth. To help us get there, I’ve found an awesome guest – Diana Cutaia –  who is witty, funny, and GASP a lesbian who coaches people and team to bring more PEACE into their lives and work places.

About Diana

Diana Cutaia founded Coaching Peace in 2012, a company focused on using the power of play and connection to empower organizations and teams to create cultures of care, belonging, and peace.

However, the work started for Diana 25 years earlier when she first began to explore the meaning of peace. In that time, she hasn’t just defined it; she has built a brand bringing the principles of Coaching Peace to her vast clientele.  Today her clients range from school districts to national organizations and global companies.

Diana takes pride in discussing how employers, sports teams, and organizations alike can challenge norms and define a culture that doesn’t just make people feel welcome but makes them feel like it was designed for them. She brings high energy, a sense of humor and great story telling to any conversation!

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