505: Diversity and Inclusion: Being in someone else’s story – Don Reed

Diversity and inclusion isn’t just a once a year endeavor to be brought out of the closet and then shoved back into the closet. It is a daily practice of learning to stand in other peoples stories. Taking us into the diversity zone, Don Reed – master storyteller and entertainer – guides us to step into other peoples world so we can be better humans for all.

About Don

Don Reed (NPR Storyteller/Tonight Show with Jay Leno/Co-Headed NBC Advertising & Promotion Voice Over/Radio Division) is a multi-hyphenate with a career that spans television, stage, and network advertising & promotion. But the fundamental building block of all his successes is that Don… tells stories.

With over 20 years of experience in the world of storytelling – tales of diversity and inclusion have been the overarching thread throughout Don Reed’s multi-faceted career. From public speaking to stand-up comedy to advertising for film and television to his solo shows – Stories of cultural diversity and gender inclusivity are at the heart of it all. In addition, Don has attended and participated in JEDI Discussion Series Training (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion). He is on the Board of Directors of both Elevate Oakland – a non-profit that brings culturally vibrant art, music, and speakers to Oakland’s public schools – and Shotgun Players – a theater company determined to create bold theatre that inspires, challenges and impacts EDI for both artist and audience within the community.

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