502: Blowing Up Your LIfe, To Uncloset Your Life – Francis Yahia

Imagine, growing up in a cult, being married to a female-to-male transgender individual for 10 years, and through all of that, plus life’s other twists and turns, you find your calling to help others come out of their subconscious closets to live their fullest life! Today, Dr. Frances Yahia, tells her story and guides us to uncover the one impure thought we have about ourselves that ‘”we closet” repeatedly in our lives that gets threaded into every single problem or story we tell (or don’t) about ourselves.

About Dr. Frances

Dr. Frances Yahia is an archetypal astrologer, shaman, akashic records’ reader, and spiritual counselor based in South Florida. She earned her Ph.D. in Mental Health Counseling and Educational Leadership from Barry University and has studied and taught metaphysics for over two decades.

Dr. Yahia’s main interests are Jungian analysis with an emphasis on depth psychology, patterns, shadow work, and the use of symbols and archetypes to assist clients with their deepest subconscious patterns. She helps client identify the narratives they’ve built their lives upon, deconstruct the story and build a new foundation with the clients authentic values and philosophy at the forefront of their life.

She is the author of The Seven Gates: Seven Steps beyond Self-Awareness & Witch Bitch: Ceremonies, Rituals and Magic for Gods and Goddesses. She is the President at Hidden Truths College of Metaphysics where she teaches consciousness coaching, her 12 truths to a spiritual path, akashic records, esoteric astrology, universal laws and metaphysics.

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