548: Living OUT and Proud as Black, Fat, and Femme – Jon and Joho

You’re too fat. You’re to femme. Oh, and no blacks. Really? You can’t be serious. There is no such thing as being too Black, Fat, and Femme. Driving this point home are today’s guests, and hosts of the Black, Fat, Femme podcast – Jon and Joho. Listen as we uncover the “T” of being who you are in your world and making the most of it.

About Jon & Joho

Dr. Jonathan P. Higgins aka DoctorJonPaul (they/them pronouns) is an educator, professor, national speaker, freelance journalist, thought leader and media critic who examines the intersections of identity, gender and race in entertainment. Dr. Higgins is a trailblazer who is creating, sharing, and crafting the stories their ancestors didn’t get to tell. Jon was named National Black Justice Coalition’s Inaugural “Emerging Leaders to Watch” and Business Equality Magazine’s “Top 40 LGBTQ People Under 40.” They are a Tedx Speaker, and their op-eds and personal essays have been featured in Essence, Ebony, Complex, MTV NEWS, Out Magazine, BET & Paper. With over 15 years of experience in leadership and social justice education, DoctorJonPaul is focused on using their voice and platform to highlight the joy and resilience of marginalized people. Dr. Higgins currently consults at United Artists, Amazon, and other media leaders. They have worked on inclusion projects with leaders in entertainment including Fox, the NFL, Apple, Disney, Instagram, Buzzfeed and GLAAD. They have also been a featured speaker for SXSW & TEDx and also competed on the latest season of Netflix’s hit show, “Nailed It”.

Jordan (he/him) is a Fat Black/Jewish/Queer writer for fashion, body liberation, philanthropy, and LGBTQ+ experiences. His work has been published in numerous publications around the US and globally. He is also co-host of the Black Fat Femme podcast, which focuses on celebrating the intersection of these identities through unique interviews, joy and compelling conversations with his cohost, Jon.Jordan particularly strives to create a pathway collective liberation through joy. By day, Jordan works in intersectional philanthropy, and by night he can found perusing coffeeshops for their best Pumpkin Spice offerings this season, exploring museums, or cooking elaborate meals for his loved ones at home while blasting Beyoncé.

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