553: Coming Out About Anxiety and Depression – Brittany Richmond

Anxiety, depression, no, no, no. Let’s not talk about that. Really? Yes, yes, yes, let’s talk about it instead of shoving those conversations in the closet. Whether you’re coming out of the closet, or coming out of isolation from a pandemic, or just living your everyday life, anxiety and depression hit all of us. Yes, all of us and the best way to deal with it is to talk about it and get support.

Joining me today is my good friend, Brittany Richmond who is coming out of the closet about her own journey managing anxiety and depression. She’s having impact in the world as a mental health expert helping teens navigate this journey of mental wellness while simultaneously continuing her own day-to-day travels of dealing with anxiety, depression and all that lovely jazz that makes us humans. She’s got great insights for finding your path through.

About Brittany

Brittany Richmond is an energetic, charismatic communicator and a mental health expert of 10+ years.

Right after high school, Brittany was diagnosed with multiple anxiety disorders (including an impulse control disorder) which led her into the field of counseling and psychology. From there, she has made it her mission to not only end the stigma, but “hug as many young people hurting” as she can with her stories and her voice as a youth speaker!

Brittany uses her own battle with mental health to inspire students, but most importantly, let them know that they are not alone; and that there is help and hope. When Brittany shares her life with anxiety, she tells compelling, relatable stories from what peer pressure was like, people-pleasing, even social anxiety which led to her being a 2x college drop out. She says, what saved her life in her own mental health battle was learning to lean into the things that brought her joy, which led to strong proactive coping strategies and creating structure in her daily routine.

Brittany’s energy and knowledge instantly draws students in as she creates a safe place to be vulnerable and compassionate – to connect with students and help them start to build, develop and implement proactive coping strategies. Brittany is a sought after student influencer and is a popular youth mental health speaker. She has given presentations across the country at conferences, conventions, school assemblies, and other student events. She is one of only about 15 active women speakers in the youth market today!

While Brittany does love speaking and inspiring students, she loves her husband and cats even more! She also loves rockin’ out in her vintage band tees, sequins and leggings while listening to 80s hair bands. If she’s not riding on her Peloton, you might find her at a St Louis Cardinals game, drinking coffee at a local coffee shop, or binge watching Christmas Movies or Gilmore Girls on her couch – she lovingly calls herself, a “hot-mess express, in a good way!” She lives in Green Valley, Illinois with her husband Zach and cat Missy.

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