570: Mark Anthony – From Panic To Peace. Finding your gay self in the wilderness of life

He spent most his life dealing with anxiety, and panic attacks that kept him from speaking his truth. Then a move to the desert, alone, not knowing anyone, and spending a year finding himself led him to his truth, he was a gay man and worthy of happiness. Mark Anthony shares his story and how he found that the numbers of his life finally lined up to bring him peace and joy.

About Mark

Mark is a freelance website designer, marketing specialist, and numerologist. Before this, he spent 16 years teaching high school band. In 2019, Mark left teaching full-time after burning out twice. He spent most of his life dealing with anxiety and panic attacks while afraid to speak his truth. In 2021, Mark moved to Las Vegas, NV, and spent a year hiking Red Rock Canyon while contemplating what he truly wanted for his life.

In September 2021, a month after his 40th birthday, Mark had another severe panic attack and called his family to tell them he was gay. During this time, Mark searched for tools to help him understand his most authentic self. He completed a spiritual life coach certification course and developed a passion for numerology. He started a website design business called Maddhouse and gives numerology readings to help people discover the deepest parts of their soul.

Today, Mark lives in Atlanta, GA, and after 40 years, he is completely out of the closet. He is in a much healthier place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and now helps others achieve the same.

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