564: Is it possible to be queer, Christian and Enjoy Sex? – Jon Carl Lewis

The question is, “Is it possible to enjoy sex, be queer, and be a Christian?” For some people those three just don’t go together. However, if we are made in the image of God, does that mean…??? Unraveling this interesting construct of Christianity, Sexuality, and Sex, is Jon Carl Lewis, founder of Sex & The Queer Christian community, and author of 7 Steps to Sexual Peace of Mind for the Queer Christian.. In this candid conversation we discuss this interesting triad and how as humans we simply need to allow ourselves to be our sexy, sexual, God made selves.

About Jon

Jon Carl Lewis is the host of Sex & the Queer Christian, a growing, sex positive community dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ folk make sexual decisions and construct a personal sexual ethic in line with their values as part of the Body of Christ. He is also author of the guide, 7 Steps to Sexual Peace of Mind for the Queer Christian.

A trained and certified spiritual director, Jon Carl seeks to help Queer Christians and their allies come to peace with their sexual and relational decisions while being a blessing and a witness to the world of Christ’s radically promiscuous love.

Jon Carl lives with his husband of over twenty-six years in Central Jersey where he serves as a cantor and occasional preacher at a beautifully diverse, radically affirming United Methodist congregation.

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