568: Linn Rivers – Getting into your health for a healthier coming out journey

After multiple near death experiences, and realizing not all doctors have all the answers, Linn Rivers bundled up all her experiences from trauma and has made it her life’s work to show others how to break the trauma patterns with microshifts for true healing – mentally and physically. Linn shares what you can do today to create habits of “trauma breaking” and better living, plus she talks about her brand new film – “So you think you’re healthy!”

About Linn Rivers

Linn Rivers is photographer, filmmaker and writer. Her background is extremely diverse and she loves sharing knowledge from all areas to assist people in moving forward on a truly authentic and healthy path.

She is a graduate of the renowned, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her journey with holistic medicine and spiritual counseling however, started way before this time. Linn’s educational background includes; Holistic/Functional Medicine, Microbiome Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Eastern and Western Massage Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching, Death Doula, Hypnosis, and Human Design Analysis.

It was her own journey that led her to all of these practices. Linn is able to connect with people on a wide range of traumatic events that she herself has overcome, such as: death of loved ones, abandonment, neglect, sexuality, growing up with an alcoholic, relationship trauma, career challenges, lack of direction, feelings of hopelessness, gender identity, anger and fear, addiction, illness, and near death experiences.

Rather these events took place as a child or later in life, Linn has the tools to assist you in moving forward to create a new reality and to live the life you absolutely deserve.

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