569: Parrish – Confessions and ramblings about Sexuality – fresh perspective.

From bullying to finally accepting his truth, Parrish came into his attraction for men from a different perspective on who he is and how he chooses to show up in the world of sexuality. This unique perspective may challenge some of you to think differently about how you talk about your LGBTQ+ self, and I hope it helps you be open to another way of talking about and being in our sexuality and gender lives.

About Parrish

Parrish is a writer, filmmaker and podcast host! Nomadic since birth, he has moved at least 20 times and lived in fifteen cities in three states on both coasts. After 30 years in the bar/restaurant industry, Parrish has a wealth of experience in human condition and an endless supply of interesting and alluring guests from around the country and around the world. After years of “fake news,” party-picking and the general dumbing down of America, he decided to funnel all of these interactions into a no-nonsense, completely honest podcast where many guests remain anonymous so that they will be truthful in their answers with no fear of persecution. Hopefully this medium of exposure will lead him to his one true dream- his very own Sirius show!

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