572: Ilene Mitnik & Allison Baldwin – Zest Joy and Step Into Living A Delicious Life

Joy, happiness, being in love with you. Sounds great but as humans we find it oh so hard to get there. Until now! Step into the joy zone and uncover your zest for living. Whether you’ve be through a traumatic coming out experience or one where you just followed your heart and it went really smoothly, you can find your joy in the zest zone. Joining me today are two amazing, loving women who have found their zest for life and can help you find yours. Ilene and Ali form The Zest Zone, share their coming out stories and how they have found a way to be the love experts for loving life, even in the toughest times.

About Ilene & Allison

Ilene Mitnick and Allison Baldwin have practiced breakthrough coaching, transformational work, large-scale cultural change and leadership development for decades. Whether it’s working with those who want to start up, start over or stand out, or those who need a personal kickstart, they take a creative and unique approach allowing clients to let go of what they know and experiment with new perspectives.

Their lives have always been canonized by choosing only those things that bring them joy. They have ignited their own big-life changes trailblazing new careers, launching award-winning businesses and manifesting a life where they play resident Love Experts — because, as they say, “If you’re not in love with your own life, how can you give the best of yourself to others?”

Ilene and Alli currently reside in sunny St Petersburg, Fl with their beloved pet family – dog Bōdhi and cats Epstein and Jersey — and are continuously working on their reputation for living an insanely positive life.

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