Freedom Edition – Yuval David – Fighting Forward For LGBTQ+ Acceptance

You’d have to be blind, not listening, and burying your head in the sand to not realize LGBTQ+ rights and lives are on the line, as well as other marginalized communities – black, asian, hispanic, jews, muslims, women. It’s a crazy time to be “the others.” But does that mean we hide and let them win? No we “fight forward” as today’s guest Yuval David says.

Using his platforms as an actor, filmmaker, host, director, and advocate, Yuval is here to entertain, uplift, and inspire.” Here are his thoughts and the state of our “fighting forward.”

About Yuval

Yuval David is a celebrated and Emmy Award winning actor, host, director, and filmmaker, who has won over 100 international film festival awards. His creative mantra “to entertain, uplift and inspire” shapes his approach to “storytelling with boldness, vulnerability, and authenticity in representing characters and narratives.”

In addition to his work in entertainment and media, Yuval is a passionate advocate and activist. Advocacy for the marginalized and under-represented is a driving force, along with his focus on Jewish, LGBTQ, humanitarian, arts and creative initiatives. He uses his creative work as a vehicle for the greater good on behalf of highly respected American, Israeli, and international organizations.

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