591: Savannah Hauk – Living with Crossdressing

There’s a simple phrase that if we all embraced, would make the world a better place, “You be You!” Of course, we rarely allow others to be themselves and then we wonder why we have to dress up as being someone we’re not to please others. Today’s guest has done her fair share of dressing up – cross dressing to be specific – and she’s not afraid if someone is not happy about. Savannah Hauk shares her journey to own her truth, living a successful male-to-female dual gender life.

About Savannah

Detroit-born Savannah Hauk is an author, podcaster, advocate and TEDx Speaker. She lives a confident, visible and successful male-to-female dual gender life. Through a lifetime of experience and research, Savannah has come to understand the many reasons men need to express a more feminine persona, the struggles and fears they face, and the weight of the transgender labels they accept but may not truly or fully understand.

Her eLit award-winning “Living with Crossdressing” book series is written to demystify and destigmatize the dual gender experience for both crossdressing men and the people who love them. Savannah also co-hosts the weekly The Fox and the Phoenix Podcast, reinforcing the same positive and inclusive message of diverse gender identity and multiple expression. She also leads conference workshops and has given two TEDx talks.

When Savannah isn’t working or advocating, she spends her time with the MCU, LEGO, Netflix, and spending time with her girlfriend and their two fur babies.

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