594: Sophie Kietzmann – Putting Your Non-Conforming Lens On The World

Life is all about the lenses we look through and how we perceive what we see through that lens. Sometimes that lens, leads us to see ourselves in the truth of who we are. Joining me today to talk about those lenses, and to share their beautiful lens as queer creative, Sophie Kietzmann shares their lens on the world as gender non-conforming individual.

About Sophie

Sophie Kietzmann is a Berlin born, Brussels raised, gender fluid, queer photographer that currently resides and creates in New York City.

So far, their path in photography has taken them through play, trauma, uprooting, coming out, identification and spirituality and has taught them precious lessons about topics like visual representation of social minorities, gender expression and the fragility of social constructs. They strive for alignment of their head, eye and heart through the tool of their craft.

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